Best Limited Ingredient Cat Food (Top 4 L.I.D Choices)

Cat foods. They come in different kinds, different sizes, different flavors, and different ingredients. In order for a cat to grow in a healthy manner it's important to feed cat food that has all the complete nourishment it needs and nothing it doesn't. A great way to do this is to limit the ingredients. Let's go through everything you need to know about this feeding method and see what the best limited ingredient cat food options are.

Why Would You Feed Your Cat A Limited Ingredient Cat Food?

Hypoallergenic cat food and limited ingredient cat food may be similar in some ways. Your cat may have allergies to the most common cat food ingredients such as beef and seafood. For a cat that has allergies that prevent it from eating the right food, a "limited ingredient cat food for allergies" must be provided.

The protein in a limited ingredient cat food only comes from a single source of animal protein, so if your cat is allergic to beef but not seafood, you can rest assured that buying a seafood limited ingredient cat food would not trigger an allergic reaction in your cat.

Allergies, like in humans, tend to be a nuisance. Some allergies can be mild, but some can be severe. It merely depends on how your cat is respondent to those allergens. Some signs of allergies may or may not include scratching, loss of hair, itching, and skin lesions.

Other cats may experience food intolerance. Some pet owners interchange the use of the words food allergy and food intolerance. Food allergy symptoms can be seen physically, meaning on the external parts of a cat. Food intolerance occurs inside the gastrointestinal system. Symptoms of food intolerance may or may not include vomiting and diarrhea.

If you suspect that your cat has a food allergy or food intolerance to a particular kind of ingredient, you should go to your veterinarian to confirm your suspicions. They will be able to recommended the right limited ingredient cat food for your furry friend.

Benefits of Having Limited Ingredients

Single source protein from a single animal supports healthy digestion in your cat. Limited ingredients also ensure that your cat food is grain free. Grains contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates need to be kept at a minimum in your cats’ diet, as it is a common allergen in most cats.

Limited ingredients also prevent the possibility of an allergic reaction and/or food intolerance. This is good for cats that are susceptible to these illnesses. It also does not necessarily mean that it possesses fewer nutrients required for your pet. It can be just as healthy and nutritious as regular cat food.

Some pet owners want their cats to eat all-natural foods. That is the objective of limited ingredients in cat foods. With fewer ingredients on the list, a pet owner can be assured that it has fewer to no additives and/or filler.

What to Consider When Buying Limited Ingredient Cat Food

Always check the packaging of your cat food. Some pet food companies randomly put the line “limited ingredient” on their packaging. Check the list of ingredients on the packaging. It should contain less than three ingredients. If it contains more than three, then it is no longer considered a limited ingredient cat food.

Always check what kind of cat food your cat breed needs. Brachycephalic breeds should eat a limited ingredient wet cat food if your veterinarian recommends it. These breeds have troubles chewing and swallowing. You can still opt for dry cat food if that is the choice of your cat breed.

Some limited ingredient cat foods print "complete and balanced diet" on their labels. Worry not. The Association of American Feed Control Official regulates the labeling of a company's cat food. Unless it meets the required guidelines set by this association, a company may not print the said label on their packages. This will give you confidence that your cat food does indeed have complete and balanced nutrition.

The 4 Best Limited Ingredient Cat Food Products

1. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Green Pea & Salmon

If your cat is not brachycephalic and/or allergic to green pea and salmon, then this limited ingredient cat food is right for your cat. Cats are sometimes allergic to chicken and beef. With Natural Balance's Dry Cat Food, you can be assured that the salmon in this product is high quality. This limited ingredient cat food, however, is recommended only to adult cats.

A con of limited ingredient cat foods is that it contains fewer ingredients. It lacks the necessary additive to make it flavorful and tasty to be eaten by our furry friend. You will be glad to hear that cats actually love this cat food as if it is actually artificially flavored.

2. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free

This wet cat food is made from only one protein source and one vegetable. This canned cat food is made from farm-raised animals just right for cats with allergies. It takes pride that this brand does not contain any fillers and is just pure food. This is definitely one of the best limited wet cat foods there is. It even has complete and balanced nutrition in every can. It comes in three different flavors and three different packaging.

3. Halo Holistic Natural Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

This dry cat food may not be grain free, but it does contain whole refined grains and whole proteins. It is made from whitefish and salmon. This cat food is good for poultry-allergic cats. It even guarantees an improvement in your cat's digestion and prevents indigestion. This is good for those cats that have sensitive stomachs and cats that have an intolerance to other food sources.

You can rest easy knowing that this cat food does not contain any form of additives like hormones, antibiotics, artificial colors and flavoring, and factory farming. This is a great holistic cat food choice with very few ingredients.

4. I and love and you, All Natural Canned Cat Food

When buying from this brand, go for the "Oh My Cod!" Pate Flavor. Cods are not often used in cat foods so most likely your cat hasn't encountered a cod in their life, thus reducing the risk that your cat is allergic to it. This particular brand has no additives, all-natural, grain-free, filler-free, and all protein. Omega 3 and Omega 6 is also in this pack. It will help your cat get a shiny new coat and healthy skin.

The unique thing about this food is that there is no thickener. The natural thickness of the wet canned cat food is just from the foods itself. Veterinarians are already recommending this brand. Try this brand out for your sensitive furry buddy.

In Summary

Pet owners want their cats to remain healthy and strong throughout their life, but that can become difficult with cats that possess allergies. Even if your cats do not have allergies, it is still recommended that you give limited ingredient cat foods a try. The best limited ingredient cat foods are all around you, but there is one product that is the cream of the crop. That is the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Green Pea & Salmon. It is the only cat food that is flavorful enough to be liked by various cats even though it only has a few ingredients.

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