Best Low Protein Cat Food (Low Phosphorus & Quality Protein)

Most cats are very independent and love to explore the world outside their homes, while other cats love the companionship of their owners. As a cat owner, maintaining your cat’s health is by avoiding or treating various ailments that are common among cats, including renal failure. By supplying your cat with the best low protein cat food, they would not only have a delicious meal to enjoy, but you will also be caring for their renal health.

Why Feed a Cat a Low Protein Diet?

Cat food is usually rich in fat and protein. This, in turn, puts a higher strain on your cat’s, organs such as the kidneys and liver. Therefore most vets would recommend a low protein diet for your cat. These low protein diets do not cut out protein fully, but only reduces the amount of protein to lessen the strain on the kidneys, which lowers the risk of the cat getting Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Protein types found in the low protein cat food are easier for the body to digest, which allows the kidneys to eliminate them easily from the body system. Low protein cat food also contains a lower level of phosphorus. Phosphorus maintains kidney functionality. High levels of phosphorus may make a cat feel sick. By keeping these levels in the normal range, a cat can feel healthier and livelier.

These low protein foods also contain antioxidants, which protects the kidneys against worsening of the damage that may be already present. Fatty acids that act as an anti-inflammatory are also included in these foods. Potassium and Vitamin B are typically added to low protein foods to support lost functions from the kidneys, such as the ability to absorb the right amount of antioxidants and fatty acids in the cat’s body.

Cats with renal problems typically have a very poor appetite. These low protein foods are designed to be extremely tasty for cats. To maintain the daily amount of calories a cat needs, these foods also have a higher energy density. This means even when they eat small amounts, the amount of calories ingested is equal to a cat without renal problems eating normal cat food.

Since cats are known to be extremely finicky, their idea of food may differ from what their owner thinks. When starting a low protein diet for them, it would be essential to see what type of low protein food they enjoy. Monitoring the amount they ingest is counted as essential to ensure they are eating the correct amounts to maintain their health. Having a vet help with a healthy low protein meal plan for your cat is crucial to ensure their health is being maintained, which can lead to longevity, even with renal failure.

Important Tips When Buying Low Protein Cat Food

When looking for food that is low protein cat food certain features should be considered before buying. Some foods are designed specifically to focus on cats with renal failure. Food that contains low phosphorus levels and low sodium levels should be included in the options you choose to help further assist in improving renal health.

Foods containing fish oils are also highly recommended as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which benefits the proper function of the kidneys.

It is important to look for foods that are recommended by vets as these typically contain the needed vitamins and antioxidants that help boost the immune system of your cat.

Low protein wet cat food should also be included into the diet since moisture in food helps promote the functionality of kidneys, as well as assist the urinary tract and helps maintain a healthy weight.

How Can a Low Protein Diet Help?

Kidney Functions

The kidneys of a cat have multiple functions, and once kidney failure occurs, their functionality makes it more difficult to do what it is meant to do.

The kidneys eliminate protein waste by breaking it down. They maintain a balance between acids, salt, and the cat’s hydration levels. The kidneys also assist in producing urine to dispose of waste products.

Liver Functions

While low protein foods focus on renal failure, it also helps for cats with liver disease. The liver removes by-products of food digestion, absorbs nutrients and produces proteins needed for blood consistency, as well as clotting. The liver also transforms ammonia to urea that is released through urination. Ammonia is a toxin of by-products from the protein metabolism.

By implementing a healthy low protein diet, it reduces the amount of ammonia in the cat’s bloodstream. When there is too much ammonia in the bloodstream, it can cause more severe diseases such as Hepatic Encephalopathy.

The 5 Best Low Protein Cat Food Options

You can find a wide variety of tasty low protein cat food from various veterinary clinics or online that will benefit your feline friend.

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Dry Cat Food

low phosphorus cat food for kidney disease

A prescription from your cat’s vet is required to purchase this food. It is a clinically tested food product and contains Enhanced Appetite Triggers, which boosts a cat’s appetite and increases the amount of food they digest. It also protects heart and kidney functions, as well as supports natural lean muscle mass in the cat’s body.

It's considered a low phosphorus cat food for kidney disease as it contains low levels of phosphorus and sodium. Omega-3 fatty acids and l-carnitine are also found in the food, which is considered to be therapeutic to cats.

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Canned Cat Food

best low protein wet cat food

A prescription from your cats vet is required to purchase this food as well. This food can be considered the best low protein wet cat food for the reason of its tastiness for cats, while also maintaining the needed amount of natural minerals and vitamins. It contains real pieces of chicken that are bite-sized.

The formula helps kidney health to improve the quality of your cat’s health. It also contains the Enhanced Appetite Triggers to allow for a greater appetite. It contains high levels of quality protein, controlled levels of phosphorus and low levels of sodium to help improve kidney functions and the cat’s general well-being.

3. Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets (NF) Kidney-Function Advanced

dry cat food for renal failure

The design of this dry food is to reduce and slow the progress of renal failure, as well as to mask signs of the disease. Its formula contains restricted levels of high-quality protein, lower sodium levels and low levels of phosphorus, which is believed to reduce the strain on the kidneys. B Vitamins are also included to break nutrients down and protect the cat’s body.

4. HI-Tor Veterinary Select Neo Diet Canned Cat Food

commercial cat food for kidney disease

This feed can be considered as commercial cat food for kidney disease as no prescription is required. It includes reduced amounts of protein, phosphorus, and sodium. Since no prescription is required for this food, it will cut the cost of vet bills significantly, while still ensuring your cat will obtain the needed nutrients required to assist the kidney functions – the food will work similar to many prescribed food options in this particular department.

The flavor is made to attract cats, while it remains digestible to reduce kidney strain.

5. Royal Canin Feline Selected Protein Adult PD Can Food

non prescription low protein cat food

This is a non-prescription low protein cat food. While containing low levels of sodium, phosphorus and high-quality proteins, which supports the functions of the kidneys, it also helps by adding antioxidants to your cat’s body. This can help fight against infections and maintain a healthier immune system.

It has amino acids and vitamin B that restores and improves the integrity of your cat’s skin, with added omega-3 fatty acids, which leads to a healthy coat and skin.

In Summary

Just like we humans strive to live a healthy life, we should ensure that the health of our furry feline friends is also maintained and optimal. By choosing the correct diet for your cat, they can go on to live happy and long lives even when dealing with renal failure.

A choice such as the Royal Canin Feline Select range is one of the best low protein cat food options to start with. This food option requires no prescription. It is also made by one of the most renowned brands in the industry. With Royal Canin, your cat can enjoy their food while gaining the needed nutrients and vitamins to ensure optimal health, while also supporting their kidneys.

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