Best Cat Food for Shedding Control (Top 4 for a Healthy Coat)

Shedding is a common problem among household pets and their owners. Too much of it can cause allergies to flare up, and might even give rise to a host of different kinds of rashes and irritation in humans. So to make a house liveable for both humans and their feline friends, it’s essential to manage shedding.

But what exactly can you do to help keep that hair fall to a minimum? Well, aside from grooming and regular cleaning, you might want to try the best cat food for shedding. Special formulations specifically designed to keep your kitty’s hair in top shape can help reduce shedding, and maintain your carpet in pristine condition.

Ready to learn how to stop a cat from shedding so much? Read on to find out.

What Causes Excessive Shedding?

It's the little things... like Mack shedding outside rather than in

Ever notice losing hair at certain times of the year? Just as we humans tend to lose hair as our bodies’ way of getting rid of old hair and making way for newer, healthier strands, so do cats’ fur. But because their whole bodies are covered in fur, their shedding tends to be much more noticeable.

Cats also tend to shed more during certain seasons. Each cat has a unique schedule that they operate on, and most shed excessively in the summer in order to cope with rising temperatures. This varies from cat to cat though, so if you notice that your cat sheds more in the winter, spring, or fall, but does so consistently on a yearly basis, there really isn’t any cause for alarm.

However, if you find that your cat sheds excessively and out of tune with the seasons, there might be something more worth addressing. Here are the most common reasons why cats shed excessively:

Poor Diet​

​If your cat isn’t getting enough micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in his diet, he could much more easily shed throughout the year. This is because maintaining the fur to be healthy and lustrous requires very precise amounts of micronutrients. Without them, your cat’s body will fail at keeping the fur healthy, thus causing excessive hair loss. A nutrient-rich diet can easily resolve the issue, especially cat food high in omega 3 and omega 6.


​Is your kitty stressed out? According to experts, a cat might shed more when it’s subjected to stress. Things like a big move to a new city and a new house, bringing home a baby, or adopting a new pet into your household can all cause stress for cats. Be sure to ease them into any new change and avoid abrupt shifts in daily routines to prevent excessive shedding due to stress.

Infection and Infestation

​In some cases, a cat might develop an infection – usually involving the intestinal tract. During this time, the body will work over time in order to sustain the battle against the onslaught of bacteria, so it will put other operations at a stand-still in order to address more important matters. With that, your cat might start to shed, as its body takes energy from coat and fur maintenance to combating a bacterial infection.

In case of an infestation of fleas, ringworms, and other pests that could live in your cat’s skin or fur, it’s possible to notice hairfall as a result of poor skin condition. Always check your cat’s skin for any scabs, ringworm marks, or other signs of infestation, and treat these with the appropriate skin care solutions.


​Much like us humans, cats also manifest signs of hormone problems by way of their outward appearance. For instance, a pregnant or lactating cat might start to shed as a result of a shift in hormones. In some cases, hormonal changes involving conditions like hyperthyroidism might also cause hair fall. If you suspect any other symptoms that point to illness along with your cat’s shedding, be sure to visit your vet immediately.

How Can Certain Foods Help Control Shedding?

how to stop a cat from shedding so much

Lots of pet owners often ask how dietary changes can help with shedding and the answer all lies in micronutrients. Keep in mind that different cat foods have different formulations. This blend of ingredients ultimately dictates how well certain dietary needs are met.

For instance, for a healthy coat, your cat needs omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which is derived from fish. So cat food choices that don’t incorporate any fish products or by-products might not be able to satisfy this need. Zinc, biotin, copper, and riboflavin are also essential micronutrients in the synthesis of hair and the maintenance of healthy fur in cats.

An optimal diet for your cat will help guarantee that its entire system is aptly cared for and nourished, so it will shine through to outward appearances. That’s why cats that are kept healthy and well-fed often look that way just with a glance.

What to Look for in Cat Food to Help with Shedding

Essential Amino Acids and Fatty Acids

Components like omega 3, omega 6, linoleic acid, and arachidonic acid are all essential amino acids and fatty acids that help maintain the health of the skin. Once the groundwork is laid out, a cat’s fur has a better chance of growing and staying lustrous and healthy. Without these essential amino acids and fatty acids, you might notice your cat’s fur becoming dull, greasy, and its skin might become prone to itching and infection.​

Vitamins A and E

While vitamin A works hard to keep the skin ripe for new growth, vitamin E helps reduce oxidative damage which has been found to take a negative toll on hair growth and health. Together, these vitamins help protect both the fur and skin to keep them both healthy and well-nourished.​


This micronutrient helps in the metabolism of proteins which are used to keep both skin and hair healthy. Recent studies have also found that biotin works in the process of hair synthesis, so its partially responsible for new hair growth.​

Riboflavin, Zinc, and Copper

Mainly responsible for protein metabolism and synthesis, these three micronutrients play a pivotal role in the condition of the skin and the speed at which hair will grow. Once hair is in place, these also help to maintain it in place, keeping it healthy and viable for as long as possible to prevent it from falling too soon.

The 4 Best Cat Foods for Shedding

1. Royal Canin Canned Cat Food Intense Beauty

best cat food for hair loss

​As one of the more expensive choices on our list, it’s no surprise that the Royal Canin Canned Cat Food Intense Beauty is also the most effective. This premium formulation combines a number of ingredients to give your cat a nutrient-rich recipe that’s guaranteed to keep its coat in top condition.

Aside from containing all the essential macronutrients your cat needs in order to provide energy throughout its entire system, this formulation also boasts a complete micronutrient profile that’s been tried and tested for both skin and fur health. So if you were hoping to find the very best cat food for hair loss, this might be the right choice.

2. Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Allergen Dry Food

cat food high in omega 3 and omega 6

​Boasting a wealth of both omega 3 and omega 6, this particular cat food was developed especially with your cat’s coat and skin in mind. The Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Allergen Dry Food was formulated to prevent irritation and itching, optimizing skin health to make it easier for your cat’s coat to grow and thrive.

Containing highly digestible proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, this food also meets macronutrient needs in order to keep your cat in pristine shape and health. Of course, it does come at a pretty steep price, but given its effective formulation, it really doesn’t hurt as long as you have the extra budget to spare.

​3. Royal Canin Adult Care (Hair & Skin) Dry Food

shedding control cat food

​If you were looking for a dry food counterpart for our top one pick, this one is it. The Royal Canin Hair & Skin Dry Food is one of the best shedding control cat food choices on the market. Packed with B vitamins, digestible proteins, amino acids, and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, this complete recipe is guaranteed to keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.

Aside from being an effective hair care solution though, it’s also pretty easy on the pocket. So for pet owners who want to give their cats the best care without having to spend more than they can afford, this one can be a smart choice.

​4. Blue Buffalo for Cats Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

cat food for healthy coat

​Sometimes, all you need for a healthier coat and skin is a balanced diet. That’s why the Blue Buffalo for Cats Natural Adult Dry Food made it to the fourth spot on our list. Made with natural ingredients, this specific food formulation was developed for indoor cats’ overall health and wellness, so it does incorporate the right ingredients for a lustrous and strong coat.

All in all, we found that this particular food doesn’t really boast such a complex micronutrient profile. But even then, it does meet all of the nutritional standards for cats, so it can help with establishing a healthy coat along with a strong and lean physique.

In Summary

If you’re tired of combing cat fur out of your carpets, couches, and bed, then it’s high time you consider a change in diet. Choices like Royal Canin Canned Cat Food Intense Beauty can help you ensure optimal skin and hair health in your cat to prevent excessive shedding. But that’s not the only choice out there! So be sure to read on through our recommendations to find the best cat food for shedding to keep your home clean and your little kitty sitting pretty.

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