Best Gluten Free Cat Food Options (TOP 3)

Gluten. Some of us humans do not consume gluten. There are many reasons as to why that would happen. Some of us are trying a new dieting trend and/or method. There are some of us that do not have a particular preference for gluten. Worst of all, however, possess mild to severe levels of allergies. Cats may or may not be like humans. Some are allergic, some are on a diet, and some just have no preference with the taste. If you are looking for the best gluten free cat food, you came to the right guide.

Quick Look: The 3 Top Gluten Free Cat Foods​

Why Would You Feed a Cat a Gluten-Free Diet?

Like humans, some cats may be allergic to gluten, while some of them are intolerant to it. Remember: allergy does not equal intolerance. Allergic reactions occur on the outside. Examples of allergic reactions are scratching, itching, hives, asthma, and more.

Intolerance, however, comes in the form of gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting. In your gluten-allergic cat, the immune system of your cat might think that gluten is a threat to it; therefore, causing the known systems of allergy. Taking your cat on a gluten-free diet would prevent another possible reaction. Try not to diagnose the allergy of your cat without proper medical guidance. Try to consult your veterinarian first before you begin experimenting on your cat.

Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

For the reasons mentioned, a gluten-free diet is good for those have some kind of allergy or intolerance against gluten. Your cat will be a lot safer from gluten if you buy gluten-free cat food. Also, a gluten-free diet can help those who have an irritable bowel movement. The said statement is according to the observations of fellow cat owners. As much as possible, try not to involve your cat in a gluten-free diet unless your cat possesses an allergy or intolerance. It may cause more harm than good. Gluten is said to have the proteins necessary for your cat's diet.

Taking it out is like taking a necessary nutrient away from its daily needs. Remember, however, that cats are not omnivores. They are carnivores. Their protein source must come from animals, not from plants. You can feed them plant-based proteins, such as gluten, but an animal-based protein must always accompany it.

Difference Between Gluten Free Food and Grain Free Food

Gluten-free food does not equal grain free food. Though it may say gluten-free on the label, it may still contain grains such as corn, rice, or oats. These grains are gluten-free, but those are still grains, which can be bad for your furry buddy. Gluten is usually found on certain grains like wheat, rye, and barley. In a gluten-free diet, it has none of those. Grain free food does not have grains, as the name suggests.

Advice for Buying the Best Gluten Free Cat Food?

Buying gluten-free cat food is a question asked by many. It is one of those products that are not heard of a lot in markets and pet shops. Like buying "normal" cat food, there are specific processes in choosing the right food for your cat.

First, check the labels. Just because it says "gluten-free" does not mean it is not "grain free." Aim for grain free despite being gluten-free. Grains are bad for cats. Try to read the ingredients at all costs.

Second, read the reviews. Alright, you moved past the "reading the labels" phase. Now, you need to check the reviews. Even though the labels may seem fine with you, you need to know what the people have to say. 

Third, buy the cat food. Try it out on our cats. If it likes the cat food, keep going. Also, try other kinds of gluten-free cat food on your cat. Your cat might like other brands better than the ones you chose. "Trial and error" is key. Keep trying and trying until you find the right cat food for your cat.

The 3 Best Gluten Free Cat Food Options

It's worth noting that gluten-free cat foods are difficult to find. This is because cats with allergies to gluten are rare cases. Some companies do not explicitly say that their cat food is gluten-free. Note that the best way to know if cat food is gluten-free is just to read the ingredients list. With that said, here are three of the best gluten-free cat foods.

1. Blue Buffalo "Freedom" Grain-Free Indoor Adult

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free

This is definitely one of the best gluten-free cat foods. It comes in three flavors of chicken, fish, and weight control chicken. It even comes in two sizes of five pounds and eleven pounds. This cat food is made with real meat and has enough fiber to improve bowel movement.

Also, the balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 is present. The fatty acids present in this cat food will help in giving your cat a shiny new coat. Most of all, it contains antioxidants to give your pet that youthful look. Of course, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, which can be bad for your pet.

2. Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food

best dry gluten free cat food

Pet owners everywhere just seem to love this cat food and there's good reason why.

It comes in five different flavors of chicken, duck, kitten chicken, rabbit, and salmon. It even comes in five different sizes.

Almost 80% of the cat food is made with animal-based protein while the other 20% comes from vegetable-based ingredients – a perfect combination of gluten-free cat food. The animal sources of their cat foods are cage free, which is to say, they are not factory farmed. The omegas it has is perfect for your cat's coat.

It even has a high protein content! To make it more gluten free, the grains involved in gluten are not even included. The coating of kibble is raw, meaning, no shiny wax stuff sprayed on your cat's kibble. With every nibble is a raw kibble along the way. Also, all the ingredients are raw, and there are no artificial additives involved.

3. Nutro Wet Cat Food

best wet gluten free cat food

There are not many choices for gluten-free cat foods as the very notion of gluten allergy is rare, but this is one of the best wet cat foods out there.

Nutro has four different styles for four different preferences – chunky loaf, minced, sliced, and soft loaf. It even has 12 different flavors. The flavors, however, depend on the four different styles. Cats of all ages have different flavors and styles suited for them.

Another reason we love this wet food option is because of the cost! It's cheaper than most other wet cat foods, while still having a good ingredient profile.

Cat foods tend to have various additives to their products to extend their shelf life and lessen production cost. Dangerous ingredients such as filler (grains) are present in some cat foods yet label themselves as grain-free or gluten-free. This one, however, is different from those brands. As a wet cat food option, we highly recommend this one for your little furry buddy.

In Summary

The gluten-free diet should be more than just a trend. There are people, cat people, that experience severe allergies to gluten. If you are cat is fine with gluten, then there may be no need to try a gluten-free diet. Gluten has some important proteins for your cat. It's probably best not to take away those essential nutrients.

However if you find that your cat may benefit from trying a gluten free diet the we recommend Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free as the best gluten free cat food to try. This is one of the highest quality cat foods regardless of if you're a cat is allergic to gluten so either way you won't go wrong with this one.​

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